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Permanent memorials, headstones and grave markers identify your loved one’s final resting place and provide a physical reminder of the relationship you shared. These monuments create a place to gather in memory of those lost, and to inform future visitors to the site of the lives that were lived. Many families find comfort in the process of designing fitting memorials for those who have passed on and in visiting their chosen monuments throughout the grieving process.


Our monument providers are happy to work with you to create a permanent tribute to the life of your loved one. They can arrange to meet you at our funeral home or come to your residence.



Suburban Monument Company
Mr. Clyde Brooks
203 Sherman Avenue
Newark, New Jersey
(973) 242-7007


Lincoln Monument Company
405 Orange Road
Montclair, NJ 07042
(973) 744-1800 


Kenngott Monument Company
Serving Essex County Area
Mr. Rudy Miller